Most of my last year has been spent doing the Final World Tour with Yellowcard, which didn’t allow me time to work on much else.  But at last, the Warped Tour 2016 gallery is here!  When we did the Vans Warped Tour last summer, I knew it would be our last time ever so I wanted to really … More 5.18.17


A new gallery is up! The USA Fall 2015 gallery includes photos from all over the USA taken during my cross country road trip in September and Yellowcard’s fall tour with New Found glory in October/November. Some of my favorites so far are in this gallery, including the photo we used for the cover of … More 6.20.16


Thanks to everyone who bought a Spirit of Detroit print! I may bring them back at some point in the future. Soon I’ll be putting up a new gallery of prints for purchase, from the US in the fall which will include photos from my recent cross country road trip and the tour with New … More 1.01.16


Finally, a new gallery! It’s been awhile as the last few months have been very hectic, but better late than never. This is the Australia/Hawaii: Summer 2015 gallery, featuring photos from Australia and Hawaii when I was there in July of this year. Enjoy!


New gallery added! Japan/SE Asia Winter 2014-15 is now up, featuring photos from SE Asia in December of 2014 and Japan in January of 2015. Those two trips are where I really started to heavily dive into this, so many of these are very special to me. I’m excited to have them up here and available as prints, enjoy!


New website is up and functional! To start, I’ve added 15 photos based on a combination of requests and ones I’m partial to. All photos are in the gallery, and I’ll be adding more regularly starting soon. Feel free to visit my instagram page and leave comments on photos you’d like to see available in the future. If … More 7.21.15